Is what you need when you have an audio recording, or video audio , and wish to have the content in writing. The most commonly transcribed audios are interviews and testimonials, trainings, but they can be made of any audio that needs to be recorded in text.

We perform technical audio and video transcribing services for conferences, interviews, lectures, dissertation data, theses, articles, criminal cases, etc. We can do the transcription of audio and video from almost any type of recorded media, whether digital or analog (tape).

Service with quality, confidentiality and that follow basic ethical criteria handling of texts and information. Depending on the amount or content, a contract listing the client's issues of confidentiality and copyrights, etc., may be signed.


Full transcription:

Everything is transcribed, including mistakes (without fixing them), pauses, hesitations, repetitions, among other things not normally found in cultured language. The resulting text may not be fluent, cohesive, coherent and correct.


Corrected transcription:


In this type of audio and video transcript , the professional ignores any mistakes made, does not indicate pauses or other things not common to cultured language. The resulting text is more fluent and grammatically correct.