It usually makes no sense to perform translations internally.
Translations must have the following characteristics:

- Translations should be done by qualified professionals who know the language, as well as the technique used in the translation, and with experience in the subject to be translated. The fact that an employee knows the target language just isn’t enough, considering that he/she does not have the required technical knowledge.

- This person’s main role should be to translate. The time spent by an employee to perform a translation will cost less than a professional translator. In order to perform the translation, the employee will have to stop performing his/her main tasks and will probably compromise the deadline, considering that this task will overlap his/her regular duties.

- At least one person, preferably two, to review the translation (How many times have you found mistakes after reviewing a text you have written, and later, after reading it again, you have found other mistakes?)

- The person performing the translation must be available for future similar translations so has to ensure style and terminology consistency.

- Layout designers to format the document. This point is even more important when it comes to PowerPoint files, and is particularly relevant for jobs performed with page editing tools (such as, QuarkExpress, Illustrator, PageMaker and others).

Why should I use the Solución Group’s expertise?

The Solución Group offers all services necessary for the execution of your international business and globalization strategy, in a broad, complete and efficient manner.

Why should I choose the Solución Group?
The Solución Group offers its 20 years of experience in translations and combines a management system with unparalleled quality and an experienced team of translators so that we can always provide our clients with prompt and efficient services at accessible prices.

What do we do for our clients?
The Solución Group perceives its relationship with each one of its clients as a partnership based on trust. Others promise Quality, but few deliver. When we affirm that we only use experienced and specialized translators and reviewers; that is precisely what we do. When we affirm that your translation will be reviewed by experienced professionals; that is what will be done.