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  • Interpreter

    Interpretation is nothing more than the oral translation, and can be of two types: simultaneous and consecutive.


  • Website Translation

    The translation of websites is a type of translation that focuses on translating a company’s webpage, aiming at its globaliz...


Simple translation is the process by which a written text is converted into English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chine...

Legal translation distinguishes itself from the others due to some peculiarities that can only be found in the legal field.

The legal system of each country is intrinsically linked to local culture, which indicates a need to search for terms between two systems. As an example, translations involving a system based on Roman law and Anglo-Saxon law systems.

Professionals working in the field of legal translation are qualified and besides their translation training, also have degrees or have expertise in law.


Legal translations involve the following documents: laws, decrees, regulations, contracts, powers of attorney, minutes, documents for bidding, lawsuits, letters rogatory, sentences, judgments, opinions, certificates and jurisprudence.